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Lumezi and Llalla in favour of deepening the cooperation between both Prosecutions

Prishtina, 10th of March 2016 – Upon the invitation of Chief State Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosova, Aleksandër Lumezi, a delegation of the General Prosecution of Albania led by General Prosecutor, Adriatik Lallla, is staying in Kosova.

The discussions in the meeting held between two Chief Prosecutors were regarding the cooperation between both Institutions led by them.

Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi, has briefed the delegation of Prosecutors from Albania on the functioning of the prosecutorial system of Kosova.

Chief Prosecutor Lumezi and Chief Prosecutor Llalla in this meeting have also discussed about main challenges faced by both prosecutorial systems.

Lumezi said that the main challenge for the State Prosecutor of Kosova is inquiry of war crime cases, cases of corruption and economic crimes. He has also informed the delegation of Prosecutors of Albania that within Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosova was established the War Crimes Department.

Lumezi has also informed the named delegation that State Prosecutor has drafted the Strategic Plan for fighting corruption, and within Basic Prosecution of Prishtina was established the Unit in charge of fighting the respective cases.


In the meeting held between delegations of both Prosecutions present was also Chairperson of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Blerim Isufaj, who has briefed on functioning of the Council. He has emphasized that visits of this kind shall have impact in deepening the cooperation between both systems. Chairman Isufaj has also spoken about other changes that Kosovo Prosecutorial Council has gone through upon the amending and supplementing of the Law on Prosecutorial Council and State Prosecutor.

Prosecutor Llalla said that both Prosecutions have demonstrated good cooperation and, they will carry on with this cooperation in the future as well, thus strengthening legal systems in both countries for the purposes of, as soon integration in the European Union.

Delegation of the General Prosecution of Albania during their visit in Kosova will also conduct meetings with the President of the Republic of Kosova and Minister of Justice.