948 - Single_lajmi | Keshilli Prokurorial i Kosoves

Kosovo Prosecutorial Council in the one-hundred-thirteenth meeting, held today on 2nd of March 2016, has decided on issuing the following:


In regard to publishing of 06.02.2016 in newspapers and portals, concerning the lawful searching ordered by the Basic Prosecution of Peja, as per the request of the Prosecutor of the Special Prosecution, Kosovo Prosecutorial Council considers that such publishing in the media and portals, as well as statement given by the Mayor of Municipality of Klina present external behaviour, as stipulated by Article 34 of the Regulation on Organization and Activity of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council. Such behaviour jeopardizes the independence and authority of Prosecutors and institution of Prosecution, and such behaviour also jeopardizes the regular exercise of the function of Prosecutor.

Being deeply concerned with the discourse taking place recently, and not only in regard to the named case, Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, invites all local Institutions and their carriers, as well as every individual to refrain themselves from interfering in the prosecutorial system and jeopardizing the independence of the Prosecutors` independence in decision making; whereas, it assures everyone that the opposite may contain elements of the criminal offense, and as such it shall be prosecuted, investigated and submitted to the competent Court for punishing persons committing the above given. Kosovo Prosecutorial Council once again uses the opportunity to assure the public that it will fight with decisiveness for the purposes of preserving the independence of every Prosecutor from any type of interference, threat or attempt to hinder their work.

Lastly, Kosovo Prosecutorial Council unanimously and strongly declares that it supports actions of every Prosecutor of the prosecutorial system in the investigation, prosecution and bringing offenders before the competent Court, and this dedication is stronger than ever before, and no one can deter the dedication and will of Prosecutors to investigate all potential offenders.