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Prishtina, 29th of January 2016 - As soon as the information regarding Prosecutor Basri Morina for participating in assembling with religious character on 14th of November 2015, organised by a person suspected for committing criminal offense related to terrorism, was sent on 7th of January 2016, to the Office of Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi, the same information was promptly submitted to the Office of Disciplinary Prosecutor for initiating investigations.

Following the investigations, Office of Disciplinary Prosecutor has submitted the Report on 27th of January 2016, with the recommendation for suspension of State Prosecutor, Basri Morina without payment for six (6) months, starting from 28th of January 2016 until the closure of the disciplinary procedure.

Following the review of all case submissions and attached evidences, the Disciplinary Committee by evaluating the respective separately, has found that Prosecutor Basri Morina has violated Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct for Prosecutors, namely Article 2, General Principles, point 1, 2 and 3, point a, b and c.

Despite the fact that the named Prosecutor is in the position of State Prosecutor, and to him is not allowed participation in such assembling, Prosecutor Morina has also delivered a speech with religious content, actions that are in contradiction with obligations of a Prosecutor for application of high professional conduct standards.

The Disciplinary Committee has judged that having Prosecutor Basri Morina remaining in the respective position and carrying on with conducting his daily duties as a Prosecutor, may have a negative impact in the public, thus harming the image of the prosecutorial system, and fading the trust of citizens in the prosecutorial system entirely.