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Prishtina, 11th of September 2015 – There was held the one-hundred-fifth meeting of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, chaired by the Chairman of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, simultaneously Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi.

Kosovo Prosecutorial Council members during this meeting have elected new members of the Disciplinary Committee. The latter has taken place since upon the amendment of the Law on State Prosecutor and Law on KPC the mandate of the members of the afore-mentioned Committee has ceased to exist. In the capacity of the Chairman of the Committee is assigned Idain Ismailji from Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, whereas in the capacity of members are assigned, Sevdije Morina, from the Office of Chief State Prosecutor and Sabri Ademi from the Appellate Prosecution.

Today was also established the Committee for European Integration, in the given below composition: Kujtim Munishi, Lavdim Krasniqi and Liridonë Kozmaqi. In today`s meeting members of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council have established the Working Group in charge of drafting the Strategy and Action Plan for increasing the effectiveness of prosecutorial system in the fight against characteristic criminal offenses.

The named Working Group shall have the following composition: Shqipdon Fazliu, Kujtim Munishi, Admir Shala, Naser Hasani, Besim Kusari and Valdrin Krasniqi. Upon the amendment of the Law on State Prosecutor and Law on KPC, there is needed to draft new Regulations as well as supplementing/amending some of the existing Regulations. Therefore, KPC members during this meeting have also established a Working Group in charge of drafting the Regulations; the respective Working Group will be composed of eleven members. The latter shall be divided into three sub-groups for drafting those Regulations, whereas the main in charge of the Working Group will be Prosecutor, Besim Kelmendi.

The request of Prosecutor Besim Kelmendi for being engaged in the GIZ Project for drafting forms of criminal documents was approved by KPC members, but the same have obliged Prosecutor Kelmendi to inform GIZ that according to the Law his salary cannot exceed 25% of the basic salary that Prosecutor Kelmendi enjoys as Prosecutor. KPC members have also approved the EULEX request on endorsement of two EULEX Prosecutors appointment. Since, both proposed candidates by EULEX meet all legal criteria for being Prosecutors, their request is approved and there was decided that KPC shall submit to President the propositions for appointment of both Prosecutors, Paul Flynn dhe Anca Stan.

The tracking mechanisms Report for time-period January-June 2015, and Report on Geographical Criminality Trends, were also approved in this meeting of Prosecutorial Council. Whereas, the request on enjoying the benefits to the former High Officials submitted by Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Prizren, Sylë Hoxha was rejected, since most of KPC members have concluded that Acting Chief State Prosecutor, Syleë Hoxha has never served as a High Officials since he was not decreed by the President of the Republic of Kosova.

The request on lecturing submitted by Arian Gashi was approved by Prosecutorial Council members, and there was taken the stance to request from all Prosecutors of prosecutorial system of Kosova to submit to the Secretariat of Prosecutorial Council, no later than 20th of September 2015, their employment contract, lectures` schedule, as well as the job vacancy for the job which they were recruited.