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Prishtina, 13th of May 2015 – There is held the ninety-eight meeting of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, chaired by Head of the Prosecutorial Council, simultaneously Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi. Head of KPC, simultaneously Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi, has made a call to all members of Prosecutorial Council to leave behind dissatisfactions they have with each other and to strengthen cooperation among themselves, by working together in order to increase the KPC performance effectiveness and improvement of Council`s image.

Chairman Lumezi, has re-emphasized that he is determined to fight organized crime, corruption and terrorism. “I am aware that I will be facing with huge challenges, but I am determined to change the image of Prosecutorial Council and Kosova, for better. I am aware that this cannot happen within a day, but I know that this will necessarily happen”, said Lumezi. During this meeting members of Prosecutorial Council have made completion and change of the Committee in charge of appointment of three Prosecutors in the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosova.

The decision is that the Committee shall be composed of: Chief State Prosecutor, Aleksandër Lumezi, Acting Chief Prosecutor of SPRK, Sevdije Morina, as well as State Prosecutor, Jusuf Mejzini. Prosecutor Lulzim Sylejmani from Appellate Prosecution is also assigned to be member of the Committee in charge of Prosecutors` Performance Assessment, in the capacity of the representative of Appellate Prosecution, position that was held so far by Chief State Prosecutor, Mr. Aleksandër Lumezi. Another topic of the agenda was assignment of Acting Chief Prosecutor of the Appellate Prosecution.

Regarding this post, Prosecutorial Council has taken the Decision to approve the proposition of Prosecutors of the named Prosecution, namely to assign Prosecutor Haxhi Dërguti from Appellate Prosecution in the position of Acting Chief Prosecutor until the new election of the Chief Prosecutor. As far as the establishment of the Committee in charge of drafting the Regulation for appointment of Chief State Prosecutors is concerned, Prosecutorial Council has taken the decision that members of Normative Acts Committee shall be engaged as soon as possible, and by working together with EULEX Advisors and EU Office Advisors, to draft the named Regulation.

Today, KPC has also approved requests of Prosecutors, Ariana Shajkovci and Atdhe Dema, for carrying on with master studies in Unites States of America. During today`s meeting, KPC has assigned Acting Chief Prosecutor of the Appellate Prosecution, Haxhi Dërguti, to be the Legal Representative of KPC and SP in Courts, for cases for which accusations have been filed by former Chief State Prosecutor, Hilmi Zhitija and BIRN. In this meeting was also brought the decision for retroactive allowances payment for months March and April, for Prosecutors of the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo and its supporting staff.

Prosecutorial Council has also taken the Decision for increasing number of Prosecutors in the Office of Chief State Prosecutor, from the current number which is six in eight Prosecutors, plus one position to be reserved for the representative of the Serbian minority, since this is a matter provided by the Agreement on Justice. KPC has also annulled the previous vacancy for Prosecutors in the OCHSP, and it has requested to open a new vacancy for recruitment of three Prosecutors in the named Office. Prosecutorial Council has also assigned a Committee in charge of selection of Prosecutors in OCHSP, which will be chaired by Chief State Prosecutor Aleksandër Lumezi and members, Bajram Ukaj and Lura Pula. The annual tracking mechanism for harmonization of statistical reports for characteristic criminal offences for 2014, as well as Comparative Analytical Report regarding characteristic criminal offences for 2013 and 2014, were unanimously approved by members of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council.

Concerning the report for Prosecutors lecturing in private universities, Chairman Lumezi has requested to ones again review the KPC Decision allowing Prosecutors to lecture in Private Universities, by deciding to change the so far practice following the academic year 2014/2015. Among other matters in this meeting, there were discussions about the mandates of the Director of the Secretariat of the Office of Chief State Prosecutor and Director of Prosecutors` Performance Assessment Unit, who have been recruited in these posts for a three-year period, based on the vacancy published in 2011.

KPC has taken the decision to establish a Committee in charge of reviewing the employment contracts of those Directors. In this Committee are assigned Prosecutors, Bahri Hyseni, Kujtim Munishi and Lulzim Sulejmani, who following the consultations with all relevant Institutions shall present to KPC a legal stance on this matter. Prosecutorial Council has agreed to establish a Department for War Crimes that will function within Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosova. Today was also brought a decision to complete the documentation that shall be sent to the President, for decreeing in a permanent mandate Prosecutor Rrahim Podvorcia, as well as drafting a report for what reason his name was not sent for decreeing until now.

KPC has also decided to address a proposition to the President, for discharging from the duty Prosecutor Nazmi Mustafi, who has been suspended from the post of Prosecutor without payment since a while, since against him the Court has imposed a condemnatory verdict.