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Discussion of prioritization of forensic expertise on the prosecutorial system

Pristine, April 24 2019- The Chairman of Prosecutorial Council (KPC), Bahri Hyseni, met in a meeting with the Chief Executive of the Kosovo Forensics Agency (KFA), Blerim Olluri, on whom he talked about mutual co-operation issues.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the support needed to provide forensic services of high priority and at times faster for cases related to different criminal cases. 

In this context, the KPC Chairman, Bahri Hyseni, requested from KFA Chief Executive, Blerim Olluri, to give priority to cases of detention on remand and other cases in order to speed up the investigation into different criminal cases. 

Among other things, Hyseni and Olluri also discussed the organization of meetings of prosecutorial system officials and those of this agency to coordinate common issues, and stressed the need to recognize the processes and procedures for issuing forensic examinations through organizing the visits of prosecutors to the respective laboratories.

Both interlocutors agreed to support the drafting of a special law on regulating the necessary expertise procedures for the justice system, a law that is also posed as an immediate request by the Chairman of the Prosecutorial Council, Bahri Hyseni, in the third meeting of the Board of Joint Agenda "Justice 2020".

The Kosovo Forensics Agency facilitates the work of institutions to achieve justice, enabling material evidence to be provided after examination for the State Prosecutor, the judiciary, investigators and other law enforcement institutions in Kosovo.