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Implementation of CMIS Project

Ceremony in Pristina, 6 March 2018 –

This information is issued by the Kosovo Judicial Council and the Prosecutorial Council in regards to the functionalization of the Case Management Information System (CMIS), a Project for the justice system in Kosovo, financed by the Norwegian MFA.

The purpose of this ceremony is to highlight the Phase 3 of the CMIS Project, to discuss the progress, current actions, and the commitments for the full implementation of the CMIS in the Kosovo justice system.

At this ceremony were present, the Chairperson of the Prosecutorial Council, Mr. Bahri Hyseni, the Chairperson of the Kosovo Judicial Council, Mr. Nehat Idrizi, The Speaker of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Kadri Veseli, the Minister of Justice, Mr. Abelard Tahiri, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway in Kosovo, Mr. Per Strand Sjastad, Chief Prosecutors and Court Presidents.

In this context, the participants and stakeholders had the chance to discuss the joint actions as per their roles and coordinate on the responsibilities for the successful outcome of the CMIS project. The CMIS as an important factor of the reforms in the Justice system, hence it needs appropriate decisions from the stakeholders to take on without hesitation in the process of automation of services as well as to express new commitments in the CMIS Project implementation process.

In this respect, the coordination between the two Councils (KJC and KPC) as well as the support coming from the Kosovo Assembly, the Ministry of Justice and of the Donors will not be lacking in the future, in order to achieve the final goal of the CMIS Project, which is a vital tool for the Judiciary of Kosovo. The stakeholders committed themselves pledge to take all necessary actions and make appropriate decisions to ensure full implementation of the CMIS project in all Kosovo courts and prosecutions. On this occasion, the Contribution of Norway was highly praised, as a financial and professional support in the implementation of the CMIS.

The Chairperson of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Mr. Bahri Hyseni and The Chairperson of the Kosovo Judicial Council, Mr. Nehat Idrizi, have stated that the CMIS Project will be fully implemented regardless the challenges that may arise, and also emphasized the positive changes that the CMIS project has already brought to the prosecutorial and judicial system processes already. According to them, the full functionalization of the CMIS must happen and there is no other alternative, and said that the necessary normative changes have already been made for the system application.

There will be continuity of monitoring of all implementation phases and concrete legal measures will be taken against all those individuals who may slow down and hamper the use of CMIS because the system itself, it will directly affect the enhancement of transparency, accountability, reliability, better planning, speed, and efficiency at work.

A great support to this project has been provided by the Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Mr. Kadri Veseli and the Minister of Justice, Mr. Abelard Tahiri, who said that based on their institutional capabilities they will take all necessary legal steps in order to ensure positive effects on the work of the Kosovo justice system.

The Norwegian Ambassador to Kosovo, His Excellency, Per Strand Sjastad, said that CMIS will be supported financially and through the expertise and experience of Norwegian experts, and stated that the Norway remains committed in implementing the Joint Memorandum of Cooperation for the consolidation phase of the project for the period 2019-2021, by requesting from Kosovo institutions representatives to exercise their legal and institutional influence for the full implementation of the CMIS project.

The CMIS project was initiated nationally and funded by the Government of Norway with a total of approx. 10 Mill EUR in order to improve efficiency, accountability and transparency in the justice system, while the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council and the Kosovo Judicial Council are responsible for the implementation of the CMIS Project.