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Bahri Hyseni is elected new Chairperson of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council

Prishtina, January 14, 2019 - At the 160th meeting of KPC, which was headed by the end of his mandate, Mr. Blerim Isufaj, attended by members of the Council and the media, which consistently approved the points of foreseen agenda of the day.

Among the central points of this meeting was the proceeding of the election of the new Kosovo Prosecutorial Council Chairperson, because at the last meeting the decision was taken to announce the public call for nominating candidates interested to be elected to the position of Chairperson of the Council.

During the proceedings of this point, all the procedures under Article 3 and paragraph 6 of the Regulation No. 01/2017 on Amending and Supplementing Regulation No.09 / 2015 for the Election of the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson of the Council were held, whereby the new Chairperson was elected by secret ballot and unanimous for a two-year mandate 2019-2020, the current member of KPC and the Chair of the KPC Normative Issues Committee, Mr. Bahri Hyseni.

Mr. Bahri Hyseni preliminarily elaborated before the members on his vision for the leadership of the Council during his two-year mandate, saying that he would work with a special focus on the further strengthening and dynamism of all the processes of development and implementation of the law in the prosecutorial system of the Republic of Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the Chair of the meeting presented to the members of the Council the performance evaluation for the Director of the Secretariat of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Mr. Lavdim Krasniqi, for the period 2016-2018, which, pursuant to article 37 of the Regulation No. 10/2015 on the Organization and Activities of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, continued its mandate by unanimous vote for the next three years (13 February 2019 - 12 February 2022), saying that with its positive performance has made overall management processes to be at the best and most desired institutional level.

Also in the continuation of the meeting was approved the Work Plan of the Committee for the Evaluation of Prosecutors Performance for 2019, which was presented by the director of the RPPU, Valon Jupa.

At the end of this first meeting of the beginning of 2019, Mr. Blerim Isufaj addressed the members of the Council on the occasion of the completion of his three-year mandate 2016-2018, thanking all for the cooperation, including the media and civil society, internal and external factors for joint team work, results and achievements of the prosecutorial system during his mandate.

“I feel honored that I have had the chance and ability to lead this important institution over these three years. During this period, the Council has managed to realize very important processes for the further advancement of the prosecutorial system of the Republic of Kosovo, which have been presented in a Kosovo Prosecutorial Council Activities Overview (2016-2018) in more detail for the realized processes during this three year period and for the challenges that we have faced”, said Mr. Blerim Isufaj.