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Normative Acts Committee has made the supplementing/amending of two Administrative Directives

Prishtina, 9th of June 2017 – Normative Acts Committee has held the next meeting in which it has discussed regarding the Administrative Directive No. 01/2017 on Amending and Supplementing Administrative Directive No. 01/2016 on Setting Representation Expenditures and, Administrative Directive No. 02/2017 on Amending and Supplementing Administrative Directive No. 02/2016 on Usage of Landline Phones and Cell Phones by Kosovo Prosecutorial Council and Prosecutions of the Republic of Kosova.

Participants in this meeting were three members of the Committee for Normative Acts, Director of the Secretariat as representative from Administration, and representative from the Division for Budget and Finances.

Head of the Committee has initially informed the attendees for the purposes of supplementing and amending respective Directives, and which are related to changes that have taken place within the Secretariat of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council following its reorganization, and also another purpose behind amending and supplementing the aforementioned Directives are related to diminishing expenditures of representation and, cell phones and landline phones expenditures in the entire prosecutorial system.

Following the discussions regarding the height of representation amounts and landline phones and cell phones expenditures, members of the Committee have approved both Directives and have recommended submitting the respective to the Council for approval on its next meeting.