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Chairman Isufaj: KPC dedicated in Prosecutions` professional capacities upgrading

Mitrovica/Ferizaj, 9th of June 2017 - Chairman of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), Blerim Isufaj, accompanied by the Director of the Secretariat, Lavdim Krasniqi, within the initiation of visits in all Prosecutions of the Republic of Kosova, have visited Basic Prosecution of Mitrovica and Basic Prosecution of Ferizaj, where they have met with Chief Prosecutors, Prosecutors and administrative staff of the respective Prosecutions.

Chairman Isufaj during those visits was briefed regarding the work that is being done by the respective Prosecutions, challenges they face and, general working conditions of both Prosecutions.

Chairman Isufaj was also closely introduced about the needs that Departments of both aforementioned Prosecutions have.

KPC Chairman said that Prosecutorial Council is continuously working in ensuring as better work conditions and in increasing human capacities. He said that recruitment of 25 new Prosecutors that took place in the last year and vacancy announcement for selecting 18 more Prosecutors shall result with performance effectiveness increase throughout Prosecutions.

Chairman has mentioned and KPC engagement in recruitment that is taking place for the supporting staff that will be supporting work of Prosecutors.

KPC Chairman, Blerim Isufaj, will carry on with visiting all instances of Prosecutions of the Republic of Kosova.