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KJC and KPC have discussed with civil society regarding the ICT/CMIS Project

Prishtina, 5th of June 2017 - Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) and Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), within the reforms that are undertaking are also working in incorporating Information Technology and Case Management Information System.

ICT/CMIS Project is a joint project of KJC/KPC, and it is being executed with the financial support of Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

For the purposes of providing information regarding the executed activities and the on-going activities that are within the ICT/CMIS Project, as well as for discussing with the named Project, today was held a roundtable with representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations that mainly deal with justice system in Kosova.

In this roundtable were present and KJC Chairman, Nehat Idrizi and Chairman of KPC, Blerim Isufaj, who have appraised the ICT/CMIS Project to be very significant for both systems, and they have also thanked Norway Government for financing the named project.

They said that through the project is aimed replacement of the manual work done by judicial and prosecutorial system with the electronic one, from which consequently will be in place higher effectiveness, transparency and accountability at work.

On the other hand, Manager and Deputy Manager of the ICT/CMIS Project, Fatmir Rexhepi and Nexhat Haziri, have presented the work they are doing and what is expected to be done for the purposes of executing the named Project.

Bajram Bojku has presented Cases Management Electronic System that has been developed so far, system that shall carry on to be developed onwards.

NGOs representatives that have participated in this roundtable were interested in different features of the project, and simultaneously have given their opinions as well.

At the end of the named roundtable, there was said that cooperation between KJC, KPC and NGOs in the further steps of executing the given project, shall be useful for as successful execution of the ICT/CMIS Project.