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UN-Women provides support and mentoring for Prosecutors dealing with War Crimes Cases

Prishtina, 24th of May 2017 – There was held for the second time the meeting between members of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), chaired by the Chairman of Prosecutorial Council, Blerim Isufaj, with Prosecutor and Expert of Transitional Justice, with a special focus on Wartime Sexual Crimes, Ms. Maxine Marcus, and her team, part of UN-Women-CJA Programme, Partnership for Mentoring Transforming Justice.

Chairman of the Council, Blerim Isufaj, has emphasized that Ms Marcus and her team are working on a project that provides support and mentoring for Prosecutors dealing with War Crime Cases, Crime against Humanity and Genocide. This team is providing support to Prosecutors of the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosova, as well as to Kosovo Prosecutorial Council.

In this meeting the discussions were regarding War Crimes Cases treated in Kosova by UNMIK and EULEX, and for the opportunity of transferring the expertise on this area to local Institutions.

At the end of this meeting, Chairman Isufaj following the appraising of the work significance this team is doing in Kosova, he has expressed dedication and readiness of KPC for strengthening mutual cooperation in the fight against this phenomenon.