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Speech of Chairman Isufaj at the Annual Prosecutors` Conference

Prishtina, 28th of January 2017 – Today, Chairman of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Blerim Isufaj, has participated in the Annual Prosecutors` Conference, organized by the Office of Chief State Prosecutor.

On this occasion, Chairman Isufaj before the attendees said: “There is a little bit more than a year when in a similar forum, “Annual Conference” of the last year, I have been elected to represent Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosova in Kosovo Prosecutorial Council. I thank my colleagues for the trust they have shown to me.

Few days later, the Council has elected me to lead with the Council towards realization of its constitutional and legal mandate. Following this, I have immediately started to feel the weight of leading with the Council, together with its structures.

Since then until now we have gone through many challenges and, today I tell you that I feel proud with the performance of my colleagues who are members of the Council, I am proud with Prosecutors` performance, and with the services provided by the staff of the prosecutorial system, and simultaneously I am motivated from the support provided by all of You, partners of the prosecutorial system.

Our mandate, as the Council is focused on enabling and providing as better working conditions, so, You, Prosecutors can investigate and prosecute criminal offenders, and to efficiently and effectively can represent State against any criminal action or phenomena.

I assure You that your expectations on implementing responsibilities You have, are absolute priority of our Plans and Strategies, as Prosecutorial Council, as well as mine as its Chairman.

I am glad that today I can be certain of saying the following: for a year we have achieved to provide the highest number of Prosecutors, by successfully recruiting 25 new prosecutors, and soon we shall start with recruiting another number of Prosecutors; we have achieved to transfer and promote the necessary number of Prosecutors in different levels of Prosecutions, we have carried on with performance evaluation and disciplining of Prosecutors. The Council has also achieved to recruit vacant positions of the administrative staff envisaged by the Annual Plan for the Staff.

There is worth of mentioning the fact of successful closure of all our obligations deriving from the Brussels Agreement for Justice (recruitment of Prosecutors and supporting staff from non-majority community).

Currently we are working on advancing the system of Prosecutors` performance evaluation, for the purposes of having Prosecutors with integrity, dignity, Prosecutors who are professional and courageous. On this occasion I request from Chief Prosecutors of Prosecutions to be engaged on the fair performance evaluation for each Prosecutor, and together to ensure implementation of the highest performance, honesty and professionalism standards.

We have also constantly promoted system of career development, through transfer and promotion of Prosecutors, where was mostly needed. In the following weeks we will close a promotion process that took place for the purposes of strengthening Special Prosecution and, Serious Crimes Prosecution Department of the Basic Prosecution in Prishtina.

We are working in improvement of Prosecutions` infrastructure, by providing necessary staff, as well as by increasing coordination level for organizing trainings for Prosecutors and staff by Kosovo Judicial Institute.

In our journey we are facing with many challenges, which sometime are difficult ones as well.

We still have insufficient budget for meeting Prosecutors` needs with the needed staff, we still need higher safety and better working conditions, yet, be sure that those needs were addressed to the Government and other partners, and we believe they will support us in achieving fulfilment of our needs.

Our main aims, among others, are improvement of communication, better planning, accountability and transparency. Those and other values are part of our daily activities.

On the other hand, I would like to tell you that Prosecutorial Council has many expectations from you.

Above all, we expect from You Prosecutors to work with dedication, to be fair, independent and professional in conducting your obligations. From you Chief Prosecutors we expect a management with higher standards, conscious, thus, enabling fair access to Prosecution services.

Achievements and execution of our vision would be impossible without the cooperation and support from our local and international partners.

In this regard I shall highlight support provided by different European projects, EULEX Prosecutors and Advisors, Embassies, such as the one of USA, British Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, Embassy of Netherlands, French Embassy, then big support received from UNDP, GIX, IRZ, etc.

By welcoming and appreciating at any time the continuous support provided by our partners, I inform you about the initiative supported by the American Department of State in execution of the project “Initiative for Justice Integrity”., project that will be executed by Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI). This project will be realized through survey conducted on anonymous basis, on which occasion I invite all Prosecutors to positively respond to this initiative.

Prosecutorial Council highly appreciates and cooperation with local Institutions and without wishing to mention any name, I would like to express our readiness for further increasing of this cooperation.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of You for Your contribution, and we expect mutual cooperation in the future as well.”