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There was held the next meeting of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council

Prishtina, 13th of January 2017 – There was held the one-hundred-twenty-seventh meeting of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), chaired by the Chairman of Prosecutorial Council, Blerim Isufaj.

In this meeting, members of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council have approved suggestions given by them regarding the Tracking Mechanism on Harmonization of Statistics for the time period January-September 2016.

KPC members have taken the Decision to announce the vacancy for promotion of five (5) Prosecutors in the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosova, as well as for three (3) Prosecutors in the Serious Crimes Prosecution Department of the Basic Prosecution in Prishtina.

KPC members have also approved priorities of the Council and its assisting bodies, which priorities will be part of the Performance Report of the Council for 2017, report that is expected to be approved in one of the next meetings.

At the end of the meeting, members of Prosecutorial Council have approved the request on compensation of the staff engaged during the Election Day for the Mayor of the municipality of Drenas.