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Explanatory Note from Kosovo Prosecutorial Council

Prishtina, 29.12.2016 – Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC) through this Explanatory Note would like to inform the public that information published today, on 29th of December 2016, on the daily newspaper “Koha Ditore”, respectively on page four (4), under the title: ”Kosovo Prosecutorial Council has violated the Law on Tenders for Physical Security of the Premises”, written by the author Norë Shabani, do not stand.

The procedure of the tender “Security of Kosovo prosecutorial system premises” has been held on the e-procurement platform, and which for the Contracting Authority (in this case KPC) was the first held procedure on electronic system and, difficulties encountered during the implementation of this system have occurred due to lack of the manual for execution of the electronic procedures.

While preparing the tender file, there has taken place a technical error at the requirements on technical and professional skills, and point 19.1 of the Tender Data Pages has remained blank.

Following the complaint filed by the Economic Operator to the Procurement Review Body (PRB) on 22.12.2016, the expertise was conducted, upon which to KPC was recommended annulment of the tender in order to not have any legal violation in place.

KPC has agreed with the expertise of PRB Expert, and in order to not have any eventual legal violations, the aforementioned tender has been annulled.

Lastly, we inform you that not only that there have not been any legal violations, but to also not make any eventual legal violation, it was the KPC that has annulled the tender, and not PBR, as provided on the aforementioned Article in the given newspaper.