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The was held the next meeting of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council

Prishtina, 30th of November 2016 – There was held the one-hundred-twenty-fourth meeting of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), chaired by the Chairman of Prosecutorial Council, Blerim Isufaj.

In this meeting, KPC members have established the Committee in charge of reviewing applications of candidates for Chief Prosecutors of Basic Prosecutions. The Committee shall be chaired by Chief Prosecutor of the Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosova (SPRK), Reshat Millaku, whereas two other members shall be Prosecutor Lulzim Sulejmani from the Office of Chief State Prosecutor and Prosecutor Radica Milic, coming from Kosovo Prosecutorial Council.

Director of the Secretariat of Prosecutorial Council, Lavdim Krasniqi, has presented in this meeting the policies regarding continuous trainings of Prosecutors and administrative staff for 2016, report approved by members of the Council.

Today, members of the Council have also approved the resignations of Visar Musa from the position of the Prosecutor in the Basic Prosecution of Ferizaj.

KPC has also brought the Decision on setting monthly expenses for cell phones used by the Office of National Coordinator in charge of fighting Economic Crime.

Another item of today`s agenda that was reviewed and approved by KPC members was the request for compensation by the Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution of Gjakova, Shpresa Bakija.