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There were held discussions on the proposition regarding the unique number of cases throughout Prosecutions

Prishtina, 30th of August 2016 – Today, Chairman of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), Blerim Isufaj, has attended the organized meeting by ICT/CMIS Project, where has taken place presentation of the proposition regarding the unique number of cases throughout Prosecutions.

In this meeting have participated and Chief Prosecutors and Administrators of Kosova Prosecutions. Chairman Isufaj said that Kosovo Prosecutorial Council as per the Strategic Plan on Information and Communication Technology for the time period 2015-2020, has foreseen digitalization of Prosecutions, thus having transformation of the working processes system from the manual one into the digitalized system.

“Today is impossible to think of obtaining an accurate information promptly, through which can be provided reliable statistical reports on measuring Prosecutors` performance and, number of cases throughout Prosecutions, if one does not have an advanced Information Technology system”, said Isufaj.

Furthermore, he said that thanks to the Norwegian Government donation, the implementation of ICT/CMIS Project has started to take place. As he said, all activities of the initial stage have been implemented throughout Prosecutions together with the ICT/CMIS Project staff.

At the end of his speech, Chairman Isufaj said that KPC is planning that during 2017-2018, to set in function throughout all Prosecutions an electronic case management system, and he has also added that this system will establish the opportunity for every case submitted to Prosecutions, to be administered electronically.

During this meeting, Director of the KPC Secretariat has also presented the current registration and identification cases system being used by Kosova Prosecutions.