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Joint Roundtable of Justice Institutions Representatives

Prishtina, 22nd of June 2016, Today, was held the roundtable organized by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on the subject “Coordination Mechanism for strengthening Rule of Law”, with participants from Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Kosovo Judicial Council, Ministry of Justice and Judicial Institute.

Participants of this roundtable have discussed regarding the development of the institutional dialogue between the institutions of the justice sector in Kosova, support on the development of strategic plans, support in the drafting laws process, trainings of Judges and Prosecutors, as well as future objectives and priorities.

All participants of this roundtable have highly appraised the significance of coordination between Justice Institutions, in order to strengthen Order and Rule of Law in Kosova.

Deputy Chairman of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Idain Ismailji, has commended the organization of this meeting that has enabled debating on matters of the joint interest with Heads of Kosova justice sector Institutions.

Ismailji said that coordination mechanism between Justice Institutions supported by UNDP, through assigned Advisors in our respective Institutions, has contributed in setting in function justice reforms in a constant manner.

“UNDP through Legal Advisor assigned in KPC, during the last months has supported KPC in strategic planning and supporting Normative Acts Committee, as well as supporting KPC and OCHSP in the European Integration process. UNDP support was an extraordinary support, by bearing in mind that KPC within this year has reached to fill the legal structure of the basic laws for prosecutorial system’, said Deputy Chairman Ismailji.

Ismailji also said that UNDP has also demonstrated particular commitment in organizing some workshops and joint roundtables with KPC and Prosecutors regarding matters of drafting Strategies and Action Plans, Prosecutors` Recruitment Process, drafting bylaws and other matters in the interest of the prosecutorial system’.

 “Furthermore, UNDP has supported KPC and OCHSP in European Integration matters. This organization has contributed in coordination of KPC and OCHSP activities regarding the EU Progress Report, visas liberalization and SAA implementation. In particular, the support was given in contribution of the minorities integration in the prosecutorial system’ said Ismailji, emphasizing that KPC appraises the work and support of UNDP through the coordination mechanism, and he hopes that in the future we will also have their support for the purposes of increasing effectiveness in our Institution.

Organization of this meeting was also commended by Hajredin Kuçi, Deputy Prime-minister and Minister of Justice, Alessandra Roccasalvo, Deputy Resident Representative of United Nations Development Program, and Agim Maliqi, member of Kosovo Judicial Council.