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Prishtina, 13th of May 2016 – Today, Chairman of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC), Blerim Isufaj, has attended the event of publishing the annual report of Courts` Monitoring for 2015, organized by BIRN.

Before the attendees, KPC Chairman, Blerim Isufaj, said:

“In the capacity of KPC Chairman, I appraise BIRN efforts to highlight developments in the judicial system, through Courts` Monitoring. Undoubtedly, this process discloses parts of developments regarding the performance of Prosecutors in trials, as well.

In particular I highly appraise the approach of the report being presented today, because I have noticed that it has approached Courts` Monitoring in three aspects: first of all, gaps and different weaknesses, second, emphasizing positive examples, and third, giving concrete recommendations for the future.

In this occasion, I would firstly like to refer to the identified weaknesses, because we, as Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, despite the challenges we have, we have undertaken concrete actions to address many topics emphasized in the respective report.

Among most important developments in this regard, are:

  • High Level Corruption Cases, which are being treated with priority. For those purposes, Council has approved a Strategy on solving corruption and organized crime cases, and within BP in Prishtina it has established a Unit in charge of dealing with Corruption and Economic Crimes Cases.


  • There has also been established a special database on registering targeted cases and actions undertaken in the regard to the latter, actions undertaken by all actors involved in the treatment of the named cases (corruption and organized crime). This KPC activity has created opportunities for raising cooperation level between entities involved in the criminal procedure.

There is worth of emphasizing that Prosecutorial Council has executed important activities in regard to its institutional development.

In connection to the aforementioned, only following legal amendments from July of 2015, Council has approved 14 Regulations that have crucial impact on execution of its functions.

Among approved Regulations that will have impact on addressing weaknesses identified by the report being published today, is also Regulation on Prosecutors Performance Evaluation. This Regulation has set clear criteria on Prosecutors` Performance Evaluation, and has established opportunities for undertaking adequate measures for Prosecutors incompetent in exercising function of the Prosecutor.

There is also worth of emphasizing that within the performance of Prosecutors` Performance Evaluation Committee, there is foreseen a concrete constant evaluation plan for all Prosecutors.

In this occasion, I can say that report findings regarding the Prosecutors` weaknesses shall be treated with dedication by the aforementioned Committee and the Council. We shall also cooperate with Kosovo Judicial Institute on organizing specialized trainings with purposes of upgrading Prosecutors` capacities, with focus on segments emphasized in the report.

Council has also approved Strategic Plan for the time period 2016-2018, upon which are set four (4) general objectives, given as below;

  1. Strengthening Institutional Structure and Capacities of Prosecutorial System;
  2. Competencies and Professionalism Advancement;
  3. Extending Access to Justice and Public Relations;
  4. Services and Technology Improvement.

Implementation of the Strategic Plan and other plans shall guarantee addressing of the emphasized recommendations in the BIRN Report.

As far as Report`s recommendations` addressing is concerned, I can say that currently in the prosecutorial system are taking place significant developments, among which I may emphasize the recruitment process of 22 Prosecutors, and for which occasion for the first time is drafted the Examination for Prosecutors, expected to be administered in the following weeks. For the purposes of addressing needs of different Prosecutions` levels, in particular the ones of Special Prosecution and Serious Crimes Prosecution Departments of Basic Prosecutions, we also are in the Prosecutors` Transferring and Promotion process.

A significant process that is being administered currently by the Council is also recruitment of six (6) Prosecutors and 34 positions of the administrative staff, which is being held within the integration of the Serbian minority in the prosecutorial system of the Republic of Kosova.

Number of Legal Associates shall be increased only following the approval of the positions we have requested within the budgetary review or for the fiscal year of 2017,; thus, the respective is expected following the approval of the necessary budget.

As far as problems with Palace of Justice are concerned, we are working with Municipality of Prishtina to provide transport for the employees of the Palace of Justice in cooperation with the former.

As far as we are aware, currently there is being inquired the case of possible abuses during the building of the Palace of Justice, but we cannot provide details due to the nature of the case and stage at which is the inquiry process.

Emphasized technical problems, as was the one with the generator in the Basic Prosecution in Peja, have been avoided entirely. Whereas, there is worth of emphasizing that the facility of the Basic Prosecution in Gjakova is in the process of being build, respectively, the building process has started a month ago, and constructions are taking place intensively.

Lastly, by appraising once again the report presented today, I would like to express KPC readiness for a comprehensive cooperation for the purposes of being able to face joint challenges”.