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Appeals Prosecution

Appellate Prosecution is established to work next to the Court of Appeals. This Prosecution is composed of the General Department and Serious Crimes Prosecution Department and it has jurisdiction in the whole territory of the Republic of Kosova.

The Appellate Prosecution is chaired by the Chief Prosecutor of the respective Prosecution and has 6 prosecutors.

Appointed Prosecutors in the Appellate Prosecution are specialized in representing criminal prosecutions next to the Court of Appeals. When a Prosecution case is presented in the Court of Appeals, then the Prosecutor who has initiated or conducted the criminal prosecution, upon the approval of Chief State Prosecutor, can accompany and assist State Prosecutor in submitting the appeal or support the latest in the protection against the appeal.

The competence of the Appellate Prosecution is to exercise proposals regarding the filed appeals against judgments and decide on the jurisdiction conflict among Basic Prosecutions and review other matters as provided by Law.

Domicile of the Appellate Prosecution is in Prishtina.

Address: Pallati i Drejtësisë P.N. Hajvali Objekti C.

Administrator: Luljeta.kollona@rks-psh.org

Tel: 038/200-18-857