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Prosecutors Performance Evaluation Committee

Competencies of the Committee:

  • PPEC has the competence to conduct the process of assessment performance of prosecutors during the first mandate and regular assessment of prosecutors, following the procedures defined by law in this Regulation and other acts adopted by the KPC.
  • In the performance of its activities, PPEC shall have access to the complete information, files, cases and complete statistics of the Prosecutor subject to the assessment process.
  • Once completed the assessment process, PPEC will proposes a scoring according to the following levels: insufficient, sufficient, good and very good.
  •  PPEC issue a final report indicating evaluation proposal for the assessed Prosecutor, which is presented to KPC, within no more than a month after taking the decision for evaluation.
  • KPC decides on final evaluation of Prosecutors.

Chairman of the Prosecutors Performance Evaluation Committee is, member of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Prosecutor, Ikramije Bojaxhiu, whereas members of the named Committee, are: member of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Prosecutor, Bedrije Alshiqi and Prosecutor in the Office of Chief State Prosecutor, Lulzim Sulejmani.