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Secretariat Director

Lavdim Krasniqi

Lavdim Krasniqi is Director of the Secretariat of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council. Following a transparent process and in accordance with procedures, criteria and developed and approved qualifications by Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Mr. Krasniqi has been selected and appointed in this position on February of 2016.  Mr. Krasniqi is in charge of an effective and efficient administration of the Secretariat and Prosecutions, as well as management of the staff of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council.

Prior to being appointed on the head of the Secretariat, Mr. Krasniqi has successfully exercised the duty of the Director of the Prosecutions` Performance Evaluation Unit from August of 2015. Mr. Krasniqi on this position was in charge of administering the Unit, the overseeing and reporting process regarding the Prosecutions` performance, including trainings of Prosecutors and prosecutorial staff, supporting Prosecutors` performance evaluation process, as well as implementing duties assigned as per Law and bylaws of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council.

Prior to being appointed in the important functions in Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Mr. Krasniqi has exercised the position of the Director of Kosovo Judicial Institute for three mandates, namely starting from December of 2007. Until then, from August of 2006 he was serving as Acting Director of Kosovo Judicial Council.

From April-August of 2006, Mr. Krasniqi has served as Program Coordinator in the Kosovo Judicial Institute. Before taking over the named duty he was Judge in the Municipal Court for Minor Offenses in Malisheva, in which post he has served from January 2003 until April of 2006.
From 2002-2003, Mr. Lavdim Krasniqi was Intern in the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates in Prishtina. Whereas, from 2000-2002 he has served as Legal Officer in the Directorate for Education in Malisheva.

Mr. Krasniqi finished his studies at Faculty of Law-University of Prishtina and he graduated in 1999. In 2002 he passed the exam for Minor Offences Judge, while in 2005 he passed the jurisprudence exam. In 2010 Mr. Krasniqi obtained the title Master of Science in Criminal-Legal area at University of Prishtina.

From October of 2010 until October of 2015, Mr. Krasniqi was a Lecturer at University of Prishtina/Faculty of Law, whereas from October of 2011 he was Lecturer of Penal Subjects in the UBT College/Faculty of Law in Prishtina. From 2009 -2016 he attended different training of trainers, while currently he is engaged as Trainer of Trainers in the training program for Development of the Trail Advocacy Skills.

Mr. Krasniqi was born on 16th of August 1975; he is married and has three children.
Email: lavdim.krasniqi@rks-psh.net