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Bahri Hyseni - President of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council


Chairperson of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council


Personal data:



Place of birth:

Biti e Poshtme municipality of Shtërpce


Marital status:

Married, four children



Faculty of Law, Pristina

Jurisprudence Exam, Pristina

Exams for Judges and Prosecutors with Reforms, 2009-2010, Pristina

Postgraduate studies:

Regional Center for Political and Diplomatic Studies, Tirana

Master of International Relations and Diplomacy

PhD In Law-majoring in Criminal Justice


Work experience:

Mayor of Strpce Municipality

Member of the Kosovo Judicial Council since 11 February 2008

State Prosecutor in the Basic Prosecution Office from December 2012 in Ferizaj

Member of the Committee for Normative Acts in the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, 2013-2018

Member of the Prosecutorial Council and Chair of the Committee on Normative Issues, 2016-2018

Trainer at the Academy of Justice - continues, Pristina

Lecturer at the European College "Juridica" from September 5, 2011 - continues, Pristina

Lecturer in the college “Gjilani”, Gjilan

Foreign Legal Expert at the Ministry of Justice, 2012, Pristina

Member of the Assembly of Kosovo in the Third Legislation (2007-2011), Pristina


Functions in the Assembly of Kosovo and the Government of Kosovo:

Chairman of the Committee for Legislation and Legal Issues in the Assembly of Kosovo

Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Public Services of the Government of Kosovo, 6 November 2002 - 11 November 2005


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January 10-17, 28 June-4 July 2004: EU Training at the College of Europe, Natolin and Warsaw

20-24 October 2003: Human Resource Management at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy; Vienna;

1-4 December 2003: Public Sector Management, Estonia;

16-20 July 2003: Covered Skills Training and Management Organizations, Module 4, Faculty of Public Administration, Ljubljana, Slovenia;

May 19-23, 2003: Training on Policy Making, Module 3, Faculty of Public Administration, Ljubljana, Slovenia

24-28 February 2003: Seminar for Permanent Secretaries of the Government of Kosovo, School of Administration of Rome, Rome.

2 April - 8 June 2007: Development of interactive training materials, participatory communication, dynamic workshops, modern human resources and management (Title of qualification from the Human Resources Management Program), where was obtained the title of the trainer of the trainers of civil service).

E-mail: bahri.hyseni@rks-psh.org

Phone: +383 (0) 38 200 17 504

Address: Rr. “Luan Haradinaj”

The State Prosecution Building