202 - Per | Keshilli Prokurorial i Kosoves

Committee for Normative Acts

Competencies of the Committee:

  • Reviewing legal basis regarding all by-laws and other normative acts, prior to their approval by the Council, namely ensuring they are in compliance with Constitution, Laws in force and existing Regulations of the Council;
  • Analysing and assessing the compliance of the existing by-laws regarding the function of the Council and Prosecutions;
  • Reviewing and preparing recommendations regarding the amending and supplementing of the Regulations, Administrative Instructions and other documents, prior to being submitted to the Council for approval;
  • Reviewing all matters related to the methodology and unique drafting technique of by-laws;
  • Overseeing implementation of these by-laws;
  • Reviewing other matters set by this Regulation and matters which upon a special Decision of the Council are transferred to this Committee;
  • Upon the approval by the Council, the Committee is in charge of hiring experts when needed, regarding matters set within the scope of the Committee;
  • Organizing public hearings regarding certain matters that rose during the drafting of by-laws;
  • The Committee shall contact other Committees of the Council for the purposes of harmonizing and unifying work procedures and their organizing.

Chairperson of the Committee for Normative Acts is member of Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Prosecutor, Zejnullah Gashi, whereas members of this Committee are, Prosecutor in the Office of Chief State Prosecutor, Besim Kelmendi and Prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosova, Naim Abazi.